The importance of good housekeeping with stored Diesel is higher than ever.
Posted at 15:36 by James Roberts

Fuel costs are increasing and more sites are storing large quantities of fuel for either emergency plant or vehicles, what is often overlooked is the necessity to keep this fuel clean and dry through regular testing and remediation where required.

Modern Diesel fuels contain a minimum of 10% Bio Diesel; this contains small but problematic quantities of water. Although it is not miscible with water, it is, hygroscopic (absorbs water at a molecular level) One of the reasons biodiesel can absorb water is the persistence of mono and diglycerides left over from an incomplete reaction. These molecules can act as an emulsifier, allowing water to mix with the biodiesel. In addition, there may be water that is residual to processing or resulting from storage tank condensation. The presence of water is a problem because:
• Water reduces the heat of combustion of the bulk fuel. This means more smoke, harder starting, less power.
• Water causes corrosion of vital fuel system components: fuel pumps, injector pumps, fuel lines, etc.
• Water & microbes cause the paper element filters in the system to fail (rot), which in turn results in premature failure of the fuel pump due to ingestion of large particles.
• Water freezes to form ice crystals near 0 °C (32 °F). These crystals provide sites for nucleation and accelerate the gelling of the residual fuel.
• Water accelerates the growth of microbe colonies, which can plug up a fuel system. Biodiesel users who have heated fuel tanks therefore face a year-round microbe problem.
• Additionally, water can cause pitting in the pistons on a diesel engine.
Powerpro can provide complete solutions for stored fuel from total management to fuel testing and consultation.

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Posted : 04/02/2022 at 16:43
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The importance of good housekeeping with stored Diesel is higher than ever.
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