A 100% successful project, with no breakdowns, and no unexpected complications. . .

We understand that some of our demands and time frames are tight and aknowledege the speed, standard and professionalism undertaken throughout this project. . .

Poor starting, Uneven Running and Excessive Exhaust Emissions.
Both Diesel driven Fire Pumps at KNDL drinks logistics Manchester had been manifesting these conditions for nearly two years, various se . .

RIM Slough

The project was the first of many, and went as expected without any problems. We will be using Powerpro Generator Services for the next phase
God job guys. . .

Generator running faults from an unlikely source

Given consideration to the volume of fuel that was affected, we were faced with a disposal and replenish cost of over £30,000.00, Powerpro Fuel Technology were on site for a week and and the problem h . .

Magna Park Logistics

Powerpro have, over many years, kept themselves up to date with Magna Park's needs. They regularly bring to our attention, Industry changes and servicing improvements . .

The importance of good housekeeping with stored Diesel is higher than ever.
John Deere Heater Hose failures
Bio Fuel.. Like it or not
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