Remote Monitoring

In 2004 we began working closely with a manufacturer in order to develop a real time GPRS System for plant management and security .

Since 2005 we have been installing and servicing a system that protects this critical business resource which is required to perform faultlessly when required.

  • Low Fuel / Water Storage Tank
  • Mains Power
  • Pump Fail to Start
  • Battery Voltage
  • Engine Running Status
  • Loss of Coolant Flow
  • Fire in Pump House
  • Pump House Access
  • Remote Monitoring and Trend Analysis of Pump Operation during Weekly Testing

Information is transmitted via the Internet using instant messaging technology with all parameters logged for future retrieval providing monitored risk mitigation.

An RFID tag system (miniature transmitter) can also be issued to authorised personnel providing Pump House access management.

This type of system provides effective security by alerting via SMS, Email or pre-recorded land line call in the event of an alarm condition or attempt to tamper with the equipment. This system provides a complete wireless stand alone solution for Management and Security providing multiple safety and business benefits.

The importance of good housekeeping with stored Diesel is higher than ever.
John Deere Heater Hose failures
Bio Fuel.. Like it or not
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New Fuel Laws from 1 Aril 2022 - This should not be ignored
Be ready for the changes to Strict Fuel regulations From 1 April 2022
Most Red Diesel applications are being heavily reduced to mainly Agricultural and non-commercial applications.

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