Stored Diesel Fuel Deteriorates and the Associated Problems are Well Known

Fuel companies only guarantee their fuel to remain within the original specification for six months when in bulk storage. Tank sludge is inevitable and if water is allowed to collect in the tank through condensation or ingress, then bacterial contamination is certain to occur. Any one of these will cause unreliability, loss of performance and expensive damage to today's sophisticated diesel fuel injection systems in addition to the escalating costs of fuel.

We are now able to offer a complete fuel service from 'on site' testing of the fuel with visible printed output to the complete removal of water and contaminates followed by a further fuel sample test providing immediate results.

Our Fuel Cleanser will extract the fuel from your tank, purify the fuel in several stages and then return it to the tank.

Fuel Cleansing Benefits:

  • 99% water and particulate is removed in a single pass.
  • Enhanced engine protection and lower maintenance.
  • Built in fail safe devices which ensures no possibility of fuel spillage.
  • Fuel is taken from the bottom of the storage tank, purified and returned.
  • Since the unit operates independently of the generator / pump and can even be operated at the same time with no down time.
  • Reduction in fuel costs associated with waste disposal of standing fuel.
The importance of good housekeeping with stored Diesel is higher than ever.
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New Fuel Laws from 1 Aril 2022 - This should not be ignored
Be ready for the changes to Strict Fuel regulations From 1 April 2022
Most Red Diesel applications are being heavily reduced to mainly Agricultural and non-commercial applications.

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