Without regularly cleaning of stored fuel the quality will suffer considerably. Tanks offer a great breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and yeast. Although storage is essential for many businesses, the quality of the fuel can be seriously affected prior to use.

Why now? - Fuel cost and the addition of biofuel to your fuel supply are two good reasons. Biofuel acts as an excellent food supply to microbes increasing the growth rate exponentially. In addition to creating a sludge that can block the supply it also produces acid which will attack your tank, more unwelcome cost.

The Majority of Tanks that we test, find Fuel that is 'Out of Specification', but can be cost effectively brought back into specification if caught in time, ensuring the quality and value of your stored fuel is maintained.

Cleaning and Treatment of contaminated fuel to bring it within specification can usually be achieved with the fuel still in the tank ensuring any covered plant remains on line.

Keeping Stored Fuel clean and contaminate free will ensure rapid unaided starting and reduced maintenance of driven plant.

Cost savings - Induced by Emergency Callouts, Plant Downtime, Repairs and Potential Disposal, Tank Cleaning and replacement of existing fuel stocks.

An important aspect of Microbial Contamination is that we can seldom predict where it will take hold.

The most common and visible problems are filter fouling and operational faults, but it also indicates an advanced state of the contamination.Good Fuel Management is more than waiting for contamination to visibly show its presence. Fuel having a CFU count of 5000 can visibly appear within specification while it silently destroys the fuel infrastructure.

The importance of good housekeeping with stored Diesel is higher than ever.
John Deere Heater Hose failures
Bio Fuel.. Like it or not
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